Introducing Luthais!

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Updated: September 8, 2011

Luthais is my weather loach. He currently lives in a 5 gallon tank, but I will be upgrading that as soon as I have enough money. He doesn’t have a long story like the other two, but I’d still like to include an introduction for him.

Luthais was bought at a WAL-MART, (Sadly…) but he is a pretty healthy little fella. Weather loaches are supposed to be pretty hardy animals, so he will probably live a long, happy life. They are named “weather loaches” because they are supposed to be able to sense biometric changes. They usually become frantic/active when they sense this, but I haven’t witnessed Luthais doing this yet. They are also community fish, and get along well with other types of fish. Especially other loaches.

While researching about weather loaches, I also came across a comment that said weather loaches are really friendly, tame, and that they weren’t scared of being hand-fed, so I decided to try it out.

First, I pinched some of his flakes in between my fingers, and dipped them in his tank. (I made sure that my hands were cleaned prior to dunking them in) I waved them around a bit, and waited. Then as quick as lightning, he shot around his tank and found where the food was. When he got to my hand, he started vacuuming up the flakes right out of my fingers! His mouth felt like a little suction cup, slurping up all the food at top speed.  His little mouth tickled a lot, but I stayed still until he finished and moved on.

That was really fun to do, so I researched more on the topic and read that it helps if you use pellets.

Luthais in his tank, where he loves to swim around and play in the sand.

Well, that’s it for the pets that I own. I’ll make another post for all the other critters in the household soon enough, so stay tuned!


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