Introducing Koko!

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Updated: September 9, 2011. This post is kept here in memory of Koko, may she fly free forever. (Fly High, Fly Free Koko.)

This is Koko, our oldest flock member. She was one of the very first budgies we got, along with my late Charlie. (May he Fly Free Forever) She first arrived at our home about 8 years ago, so that makes her over 8 years old. (Wow!) She is really a funny little character when she wants to be, but the majority of the time she’s just a cranky, old hen.

One example of her being funny is when she sleeps hanging upside-down from the cage top. (I think she dreams of being a bat.) One really weird thing about Koko is that I have never seen her out of breeding condition. Her cere has always been brown as far as I can remember. Koko loves her cuttlebone and millet. She’s also a big fan of shreddable toys and things that she can knock over.

Here are a couple more pictures of her.


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