I’m Free, I’m Free! Dang it…

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I have been putting a lot of hard work into cleaning out the birds, my sister’s and my new room so that it would be safe for them to come out under my supervision. Well, that hard work finally paid off and the room is now safe enough for them to be let out of their cage. (Finally!) Other than a few minor, minor dangers in my room; it is pretty much safe.

Now I have the task of  trying to get the birds used to coming out of their cage. I know that there may be a chance of them being cage-bound, so I will make this process gradual until they are comfortable with coming out of their cage. Just so that you know, they have been out of their cage tons of times before. It’s just that it has been a while since they have been kept in that cage, mostly for safety reasons.

Since I know that this may be a bit complicated, I have thought up some methods that I could use. Here are a few:

  • I’ve read that the best thing to do is just leave the cage door open for them to choose whether to come out or not, so that is what I will be trying first. Curiosity is something that budgies have a lot of, so that alone may get them to venture out of their cage.
  • I’m also still working on re-hand taming Kasper, so if I can get him hand tame enough I might be able to get him out of the cage by getting him to step up. I won’t force him to come out of course if he decides to jump back into the cage.
  • Another option is to try to bribe them with treats. I’ll slowly place some further out of the cage door and if they associate this with coming out they might be more willing to in the future.

Since this process may take a while, I got the idea of keeping track of the progress I make on here. So that is what I will be doing. Hopefully I will be able to keep everything updated. 😀


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