The Cage Chronicles – Day 1

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So today was Day 1 of The Cage Chronicles. Right now I have two of the cage doors open, and I’m watching to see what the birds’ reactions are. They seemed quite comfortable with being around the cage doors. Kasper actually went for a fly a few minutes ago, and when I brought out Koko to weigh her I set her on a swing that I hung from the ceiling, and she stayed there for a while quite comfortably. Froot Loop was also occasionally hopping on the cage doors to look out for a bit.

Once Kasper noticed that she was up there, he got curious and came to the cage doors to see what was going on. He was watching her for a bit, then decided that he wanted to be up there with her, so he flew over to her. But once he landed on the swing, Koko started jabbing away at him trying to get rid of him. He almost fell off because he was hanging upside down, then he retreated back to the cage.

I’ll be adding a video of part of the action in the next post. 🙂


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