The Cage Chronicles – Day 3

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A new month and we already took a huge step towards my goal! I’m so happy right now, Kasper and Froot Loop came out all by themselves and flew around the room for a bit. Koko was even sitting on her swing for at least a half an hour before she thought of jumping back in the cage. Koko was even preening herself up there!

I think I remember writing that Koko hasn’t grown her flight feathers in yet. Well, today I found out that one really big feather has finally started to grow in. 😀 Finally! I can’t wait for Koko to be able to fly again, the exercise will be good for her. Koko is usually the one that wants to take off somewhere, but she always just goes fluttering down to the floor. Hopefully she will regain her strength in her wings so that she can enjoy their free time out once again.


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