Clean Up Day

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Today I decided to make a post about cleaning my birds cage, since that’s what I was busy doing all evening.

The pictures I included in this post were taken a while back, but I still do the same routine now.

When cleaning my birds cage, I have to literally take it apart to be able to clean it thoroughly. The first thing I do is prepare the extra cage for the birds, then I carefully get them to go in.

Once they’re comfortable in their temporary cage, I take the main cage off of the base so that it will be easier to clean.

Then I take the top part of the base off, and empty out the cage lining after taking off the grate. After washing and rinsing the base of the cage, I line it with some normal white printing paper. Then I add the grate. (But this time I just left it out)

Then comes the top of the base which I washed and rinsed beforehand. Then I add the main cage, which I also washed and rinsed off with a cloth.Then I add the perches which I cleaned, and toys.

You see that  little toy with the ball at the end?  That’s the one I was talking about  in my last post.

After I finish putting the cage together, I go ahead and clean their dishes out. I make sure that all of the hard to reach corners are cleaned too by using either a Q-tip or a toothpick. Then I fill them all with some goodies!

After all of this is done, I add them to their cage and let the birds back in.

I normally use just soap and hot water to wash everything, then I dry them off with a cloth. Everything is washed either in a sink or bathtub; depending on the size obviously. The budgies are used to their temporary cage, so they don’t have a problem with staying in there for a bit.


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