It’s Raining Feathers!

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Updated: September 19, 2011

The birds have been molting on and off for several months now. I wonder when they’ll ever stop. Every time I check, there are more feathers at the bottom of their cage that seem to come out of nowhere! I find them in their food dishes, stuck on cage bars and even sometimes stuck on one of their ceres, like today. Poor Froot Loop looked like a mini Cockatoo with that huge fluffy feather stuck to his head. Sometimes I wonder if they even notice that it’s there until they feel it tickling their nostrils.

Even though there is always a little pile of feathers to clean up, there is an up-side to all of this. The birds get brand new shiny feathers that give them such vibrant plumages, and they grow in other feathers that they might have lost or ruined before their molt. Froot Loop has already grown his tail-feathers back in, and he no longer has a “duck-butt”. They looked a bit scraggly today because he still has to get used to his longer tail, but they are better than nothing.

Like the title suggests, it’s raining feathers here! 🙂

The many feathers that I have collected just this year.

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