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Updated: September 19, 2011

The most wonderful thing happened today, the budgies actually ate their veggies! I’m so happy, it didn’t even take that long. I forgot to post about the meal I prepared for them yesterday, but here it is:

Baby Spinach, Apples, Wheat Germ, and Seeds.

A Close-Up Shot

They started to pick at this at around 10:00 PM, and I found a bunch of bits of it on their cage floor the next morning. The must have had a blast with the mess they made!

Today I decided to try something different, so I ended up adding some red pepper to the mix.

Baby Spinach ready to be chopped up!
Chopped Apples mixed with Baby Spinach.
Some red pepper thawing out.
All chopped up.
Everything rinsed, mixed and ready for the dry ingredients.
With Wheat Germ and Seeds.

All ready to serve!

It smelled so delicious! Even when my nose was plugged from having a little cold, I could still smell the red pepper. Next time I should try some other ingredients with such great smells.

The birds actually ended up eating some, or at least digging through it. There was also some red pepper bits on the ground, so at least I know they were getting a bit of the taste. Maybe next time they will decide to eat more. 🙂 One can only hope!


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