The Cage Chronicles – Day 4

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I decided to let the birds out for a bit today while I was doing some homework. They didn’t seem to be interested in coming out. I had to weigh Koko though, so when I took her out, the other two joined her when she climbed back to the cage door. They sat there for a bit together, but then they just sort of climbed back in and kept put. It seemed like it was a slow day, so I just decided to close them back up and wait until a better time.

I need to get myself some millet spray so that I can start training them, but so far Kasper had gotten a bit better and more comfortable with stepping up without any, so I’ll see how it goes. Although I do think that it would be good to give them some positive reinforcement, so I’ll probably pick some up this week when I get a chance.

Koko isn’t afraid of our hands, she just knows that we will end up bringing her out of the cage when she steps up, so she tries to trick me by holding onto my finger with one foot, and holding the cage bars with another. She’s the smart one! 😀


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