Happy Valentine’s Day of 2011!

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Today when I woke up, the  sun was beaming and the birds were chirping. It was so beautiful out, but only about an hour later a wind storm hit, and snow was blowing everywhere. The snow was still sparkling for a bit though, so it was really pretty.

At school we have a Winter Carnival going on where there is different types of dress-up days during the week. Today was PJ/Teddybear/Crazy Hair Day, so there were quite a few wacky looks at school. I wore my hair in six pig-tails and braids, and I wore my blue and green plaid pajamas. I also brought along a little fuzzy yellow monkey, who I named Bob. We had a great time at school, and everyone was passing out Valentine cards.

My family was going to go out for dinner, but most of us didn’t feel like going, and it was still stormy outside. Instead, I spent some time with the birds and I worked a bit on some assignments. The budgies loved the extra attention.

Today went pretty well, and giving extra attention to the birds was a perfect way to spend my Valentine’s Day. 🙂

Some chocolate hearts.

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