Keeping a Journal?

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I read once somewhere that it’s a good idea to keep a daily journal about your birds. Why? Well by doing this, you can keep track of important things in your birds life like maybe behavior changes or you may notice a different interest your bird has in a new type of toy, or a new type of food that you might want to write about.

This can be especially helpful when you have a bird with health issues because that way; you can keep track of many other things like when it was last given its medication, what sort of progress it has made and its daily weight.

Keeping a Journal isn’t that hard, is it?

I personally never kept a journal on birds, but I’m interested in seeing how helpful it could be to have one. This blog is sort of like one, but I think that an actual journal where I kept some important info on my birds would be pretty interesting, so I may end up starting one.

I’d also like to encourage you to start one of your own, it may turn out to be pretty handy one day. A simple little notebook from the dollar store will do, as long as you are okay with writing in it.

Keeping one near where your bird hangs out would be a good idea. That way you can snatch it up and start jotting down whatever you have on your mind so that you won’t end up forgetting it by the time you find the journal. A pen or pencil attached to the journal would be a good idea too, and don’t forget to date each entry you make for future references.

You’re only limited by your imagination!

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