Rocky is Back!

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Rocky made it another night, and guess what?! He’s doing so well that he came back home with us! He is drinking, eating and he seems to be more alert. There is also some color coming back to his gums. We brought him back home with us from the animal hospital when we were finished one of our hockey games, and he rode all the way back home in the back seat with me. He behaved so well, and when we got back home he was so excited that he almost jumped out the door when I was getting out of the car.

We also cleaned up a little spot just for him in our kitchen. He gets to stay there until his temporary house is built on the step. He is such a quiet dog, I wish he was an indoor dog. Right now he is laying down on his blanket with his new little teddy bear.

It’s crazy to think, but just the other night the vets didn’t even think he was going to make it. My parents thought that he might of had to be put down, but that isn’t the case anymore. He is definitely looking better, and I hope he keeps progressing.


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