The Cage Chronicles – Day 5 – A Special Moment

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I couldn’t get any pictures because the camera wasn’t co-operating. It was also dead when I found it, so I had to recharge the batteries while I was preparing the food for the birds. This really bugged me because when I went to give the birds their food; they were actually following the dish around until I set it down and I could have gotten a good picture out of it. It’s funny because they never, ever have shown that much interest in fresh foods.

I decided to try setting the dishes outside of their cage and opening the cage doors so that they could come out and eat. Froot Loop came out cautiously, but sure enough he went flying straight for the food. What a beautiful sight to see! He has such a talent for flying, it’s so amazing and graceful. Kasper doesn’t have many flight feathers yet because of his molt and the same goes for Koko, that’s why it surprised me when I saw Froot Loop gliding very smoothly down towards the food.

They all came out one by one. I had to take Koko down because I didn’t want her crash landing anywhere. Their mouths were stuffed and crumbs were stuck all over their faces. It was really fun, and the birds didn’t even take off when I went about fixing their dishes. It was a special moment in my attempts at getting them comfortable with being out of their cage again, and I’m so happy to be typing this right now. 🙂


On a side note, the new dog house came today. My Dad thought that it would better for Rollie, who is our eldest dog at the moment, so we ended up giving it to him. It is such a convenient house! The door has a floor mat stapled over with a line cut up the middle for him to get in, and the hay inside is sure to keep him cozy until the end of winter. It is so much bigger and better than his old house, and he has been spending the majority of his day snuggled up inside. I’m glad that Rollie is finally getting some special treatment. He’ll be 12 next November 9th, so he’ll be 84 in doggy years!

Rocky is also still on the mend, and is getting better everyday.


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