Introducing Rollie!

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I was looking through my old posts that I made and I was shocked to see that I didn’t even post an introduction post for Rollie yet! Since I probably won’t mention him much on this blog I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, but it is still good to do a post on him so that readers will know who I’m talking about if I ever mention his name.

Rollie smiling on a sunny day.

Rollie is our 11 year old dog who was born right here at our house. He was one of 7 puppies in his litter, and his Mom, Brandy, sadly died because of Parvo not too long after they were born. Rollie got his name because when he was a puppy, every time he ran, his belly would jiggle and roll around.

Rollie has been with us ever since and he has always been very sweet and protective of us. He never bit or growled at anyone, with the exception of one dog that was bothering him for hours one day. He doesn’t know any commands or tricks, but he’s a very nice dog.

He is a mutt, but he seems to be close to a golden lab/husky mix. At night he looks a lot like a wolf, especially with the way his fur has little tufts around his shoulders and hind legs.

He is our oldest dog here, and he is still going strong. When he barks he sounds pretty bad though. He has a bit of a wheeze, and he yelps a lot. But he only uses that bark when he wants attention or food. He has another more intimidating bark for other dogs and strangers.

Rollie is a great companion and he is the guardian of the house.


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  1. Nice to meet Rollie! He looks like a sweetie! I love dogs with pink noses. My dog used to have a black nose but it is getting pink as he gets old.

    • That’s cute. I actually never really noticed how Rollie had such a pink nose. It reminds me about when you wrote how some people think that pits with pink (or red?) noses are another breed, is that right?

  2. Yes!! My old dog had a pink nose and I loved it. I think they are pretty cute.


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