Yay! It’s May!

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Today marks the beginning of a new month, and I’m so happy that it is looking more like spring here at last! All of the trees are budding and the pussy willows are getting really big! There are also lots of dandelions popping up everywhere, which reminds me, I need to try serving some of those leafy greens to the budgies.

Pussy Willows!

My previous post from today was about a new discovery I made about Kasper’s love of corn, and the new idea I came up with, which I think was a really great start to this month. Another cool thing that happened today was that we set up our new TV and rearranged the living room. I hope the rest of the month is this fun!

May is a month with many celebrations for our family. There is my sister’s birthday, then Mother’s Day, then my Mother’s birthday, and then Victoria Day. We also have a lot of things going on at the school, so we are definitely going to be busy this month. May always reminds me of tulips for some reason, maybe I’ll get some for my mother for Mother’ Day. 🙂

A beautiful bouquet of tulips.

I hope everyone else has a great month, and enjoys the spring hours!


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