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Some of you may or may not have noticed, but I decided to change the blog’s theme. Not much of a difference really, but I like the change. I’ve also changed the blog’s tagline to “Tales of the Feathered, the Furred and the Scaled” which I personally like better because it has a nice flow to it. 

I haven’t gotten much posted lately, but that’s because I’ve been away on a trip for about 3 days and I’ve also been busy with a few other things aswell. I’ll be posting a bit about my trip tomorrow if I get a chance though. I’ve got lots of neat pictures to show you and hopefully I’ll be able to upload them all by tomorrow night. Here’s a little hint of what I took pictures of…

Guess who, or more like what!

Can you tell where I was visiting?

Until I get a chance to post again, I’ll be catching up with some cage cleaning and flight time with the birds. 🙂


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  1. I’m guessing either Africa or the zoo. Africa seems much more likely!

  2. No, it was the zoo! Good guesses, I’ll be posting all of the pictures very soon. 🙂


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