A Visit to the Zoo – Part 1

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I promised to post pictures of my trip, so here we go. From Sunday to Tuesday I was away on a trip to Moncton,  New Brunswick and during the trip we got to visit the Magnetic Hill Zoo. Unfortunately, it was raining that afternoon so most of the animals were hiding in their dry shelters instead of interacting with us. I still got to take plenty of pictures, so as promised, here they are…

Black Swan

These swans were in a little pond area along with some Mallard Ducks, I’m not sure if they were really part of the zoo, but they were still very pretty.

More Black Swans
Mallard Duck

The next thing we encountered was a cute little mouse, then…

A Mouse

I’m not sure what kind this was, but he also had another buddy…

 But what I really thought that you would like to see is this big guy.

Male African Lion

I couldn’t get many good pictures of him because he was resting in a dry place away from all the rain, but his mate was a bit more friendly. And by friendly, I mean a bit overprotective.

Female African Lion

She wasn’t too happy about us being so close, but at least a got a closer picture of her. We also got to see some Indian Peafowl, and the Peacocks were so beautiful!

Peahens running away.

None of them would display their feathers for us, but I got some pretty good shots.

A Peacock strutting his stuff.

We also visited a few barnyard animals…

Pygmy Goats


I’ll be posting the rest of the pictures tomorrow, which include some reptiles and primates that are really cute. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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