The Cage Chronicles – Day 8

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I forgot to post about this but a couple days ago I took the budgies out for a little flight time while I was cleaning their cages again and they had a blast! I decided to just leave them out longer than I had planned, and they couldn’t have been happier. Kasper kept flying around the room like it was his first time really flying, and Froot Loop was also trying to keep up with him.

I’m very glad to report that Koko has finally grown her flight feathers back in! Her wings are nice and full, and now all she has to do is learn how to fly right. So far she has been attempting to take off with the boys when they start flying around the room, but she ends up just fluttering back down to the ground or landing on the furniture, and that is where I come in to help her. First I get her to step up, then I raise my hand up high enough for her to be able to fly back to where she started. I like to encourage her to try to move around on her own, but whenever she lands on the ground or somewhere that she didn’t want to land, she usually just gives up and starts to preen herself.

I have high expectations for her though, and I’m hoping that she will be up and flying with the boys soon enough. She just has to build up her wing muscles because they are probably really weak at this point from the lack of exercise she has had in her life. I’ll have to work with her for the next few months and exercise her wings regularly so that she can get used to flying, and hopefully she’ll get the hang of it.

This time I let the budgies go back in the cage in their own time, and after about an hour and a half they were all back in their cage chirping away. I was pretty happy to see them enjoying their freedom. They have been really improving on comfort levels with being out of their cage and they are already getting used to the different surroundings and obstacles when they are flying around. The little cage that I have set up near their bigger cage (Which I will now call their “landing cage”) is where they usually hang out. This is also where they mainly land after flying a few laps around the room, hence the name.

Nothing much else happened, but I’ll probably be letting them out again tomorrow afternoon, so there will most likely be another update that evening. 🙂


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