Fly High, Fly Free, Koko.

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This morning when I woke up I got out of bed very cheerfully, glad to see that the birds were up and about too. I walked over to where they were, and opened up the curtains to see the sun shining brightly. But when I looked back to the cage I noticed something on the bottom of the cage. It was Koko. Her eyes were closed, her body was stiff, and her feet were clenched. It was hard to look at her.

I was shocked, I just stood there in silence for a few moments. I knew for sure that she was already gone. I ran upstairs in time to tell my sister and father the bad news, and then broke out in tears in the middle of the kitchen. Koko was just so special to me, it is hard to believe that she is gone. I’ll miss her so badly, especially when I spend time with the other two budgie boys. They kept going down on the bottom perch near her, getting closer, and being curious.

My Dad helped me put her in a box, and about an hour later we decided to go bury her. We picked a spot beside Khloe’s grave, and after burying her we left a cross standing to mark her spot. I said a few prayers and started to cry, it was really hard saying good-bye to her. Koko was with us since the very beginning, nearly 9 years ago. She was our first bird, and she’ll always be in our hearts and minds.

Fly Free Forever Koko, we’ll miss you.


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  1. Oh man sorry to hear that…

  2. It’s alright, thanks for posting. 🙂 I’m already recovering pretty well from the loss, the budgie boys are helping a great deal with comforting me too.

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