Already Destroyed!

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The mini foraging bucket that I just posted about on the 4th is already shredded up and needs replacing!

Look at those bite marks!

I bet they had a blast chewing this apart.

I’m so glad to see that the budgies liked it. Froot Loop was the first to figure out that there was food in there, I’m not sure if Kasper knows yet or not. I haven’t seen him eating from it yet.

It fell right off it's clip.

I just made a new foraging bucket, and this time I added a bunch of cut up raffia in with it to make it more difficult and fun for  them to try and get food from. I changed the colors of the beads too, to green and yellow to remind me of Koko. I wish she was here to enjoy it. I don’t think that they went near it yet, but I bet they’ll be at it within minutes.

The millet inside is all camoflauged by the raffia.

In addition to the foraging bucket, I tried yet another couple ideas out from Fids Love Toys. Yesterday I made the Straw Spike, and then I made a Raffia Dangle today along with the replacement Foraging Bucket. I’ll post pictures of them tomorrow.


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