R.I.P. Pepper

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Pepper didn’t get any better yesterday, she was still in a bad condition and the vets said that she was still not responding. As a family we decided that it was best to put her to sleep. She had a good life with us, and we didn’t want her to suffer anymore.

We’ll all miss her very much, she was such a cuddly cat and always wanted our attention. Ginger was looking around for her yesterday, I hope he doesn’t get too lonely. We’re planning on bringing her back and showing her to Ginger, just so that he knows what happened. We’re having a burial for her sometime afterwards, next to Koko’s area.

We are also planning on getting a new friend for Ginger in the future, to keep him company. It’ll be an adopted one, that needs a home. Hopefully Ginger will end up liking him or her. 🙂

R.I.P. Pepper

I’ll miss you Pepper, Rest In Peace.



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  1. I’m so sorry 😦 poor Pepper.

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