Updates Anyone?

I’ve fallen behind dramatically on posts here at Kritter Krazy, and have neglected a few things online for a while because I decided to take a break from the computer for a bit. Life was a bit stressful and rushed, but I’m sorry that I didn’t notify everyone earlier. So I hope you’ll all understand.

Just to update everyone; I thought that I would post a few important events and other happenings that haven’t been posted on here yet.

First of all, our family has not held a memorial burial for Pepper yet, but plan to as soon as possible. Everyone just started back up in school, so we will need to wait until we have a chance to drive and pick her up. The vets are taking care of her body for now, until we decide to get her. I’ve found it hard to not see her come greet us when we get back from school, but I know that what we did was best for her. 

August 21, 2011 – Kittens Came Home 

For the last couple days before Sunday, we all were on the lookout for any kittens or “teenage” cats that needed a home. There were so, so many ads in newspaper and so many options at the rescue that we decided to look for some. First we checked at a local rescue, but we didn’t really see any that we liked. We then called a few phone numbers off of some ads, and one ended up calling back. He told us that he didn’t live too far off from where we were at (at that time), and that he had 2 litters of kittens at his house.

When we got there, the house smelled like smoke, was messy, and there were cats running all around upstairs. The guy was pretty nice though and had good intentions, but I don’t think his place was the greatest environment for these kittens to be living in. We were going there to pick up just one kitten, but we thought that it would be better with more than one so we ended up picking out two of the 2 month old kittens.

They were so adorable, especially the smaller ones. The kittens we picked out were a light shade in color, both gray. The one that we think is a boy has this really cool pattern of light gray/white stripes across his back and sides. He is mostly dark and light gray. The other one that we think is a girl has calico coloring, but mostly gray with pale orange blotches around the face, tail and belly area. We’ve already came up with a name for the girl; Leia;  the princess off of Star Wars. We haven’t come up with a name for the male, but are still working on it.

August ??, 2011 – Goldfish Came Home

Before getting the kittens, we got two goldfish for my sisters. One was a white and orange goldfish, whom we called Citrus. The other was a golden and black goldfish, whom we named Mushu. They have settled in really nicely, but for some reason Luthias doesn’t seem to know what they are! He is a bit rough around them, but I guess he isn’t used to other fish being in the tank with him. So far, they all get along and are eating well.

The Budgies

Kasper and Froot Loop are doing pretty good. Their wings are all grown in now and they can fly properly too. They really enjoy coming out to fly sometimes because get restless in their cages. I’m trying to make new kinds of toys for the budgies too, and I’m making an effort to be more creative with the toys. So far, I think they’re coming along pretty nicely.

Tomorrow I’ll hopefully be posting about more things that I missed out on.


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