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Moving Soon…

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I’m thinking of moving this blog and making a new version of it soon. I’m planning on opening the new one next January, so look out for it!

EDIT: I will be opening my new blog, Avian Ambition, this coming January. It will be open to the public on the first of January, so come over to check it out when you get a chance to. 🙂


Happy Easter of 2011!

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Happy Easter everyone!

Yesterday we celebrated Easter and got lots of chocolates and goodies for the whole family. Easter can be so fun with all of the gifts, egg hunts and surprises! I also love having turkey dinners over at my grandmother’s house. This year we all had a great time and for desert we had some cake, ice cream cake and apple crisp. I just love warmed up apple crisp with vanilla ice cream melting on top, it’s so delicious!

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone else had a great Easter weekend like I did, and if you don’t celebrate Easter then I hope you had a great weekend anyway! 🙂

Happy Birthday Rocko!

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Today is Rocko’s 3rd Birthday, which makes him 21 in doggy years. Rocko is one of our 3 dogs, and was born right here in our shed. It all started when we started to take care of his grandmother, whose name was Princess. She was one of those dogs that had puppies every year, but she was a very sweet and tender dog. We helped take care of her puppies and put them in good homes when they were ready.

When we found out she had more puppies, we took those in too. One of them was named Squishy (I don’t know why, but the name stuck) and she ended up also getting pregnant when she got loose one day. We took her in and cared for her through her pregnancy, and on March 4th of 2007; 7 puppies were born. 6 of those survived their birth, and 4 actually survived until adulthood.

There was actually 3 that were all black with white patterns, 2 that were all black with brown patterns (One of which were Rocko, and we named him this because we think that Rocky is his father), and 2 that were spotted and blotched like cows are. One of those two cow-colored ones didn’t survive birth because it was so small and was born too late. This one didn’t have a name, but the others in color-order were Anna, Elvis, Maggie, Rocko, Diesel, Wenji and No-name. The females were Anna, Magge, and Wenji. The males were Elvis, Rocko and Diesel and the no-named one wasn’t determined.

The 2 that didn’t survive until adulthood were Diesel and Elvis. This was because on a weekend that we were away, some neighbor’s kids came over and actually stole the puppies right under Squishy’s nose. (She was just as friendly and gentle as her mother was) The puppies were still blind then, and it was right in the middle of winter.

One of our other neighbors actually found one of those puppies on a snow bank, and we heard of this a day after originally hearing about the theft of the puppies in the first place. Another was found in somebody’s house where one of the children dropped it off for them to have. This person took as good care of the puppy as she could, but he didn’t survive. Diesel was this puppy, and the puppy found on the snow bank was Anna. Anna also survived (She was the biggest of the puppies, and she was also my responsibility. So I was furious when I found this out, and I couldn’t do anything about it from where I was at.) Elvis actually froze to death overnight, we didn’t know why, but Squishy seemed to neglect him and he looked like he was pushed out of the way when we found him.

Anna, Wenji, Maggie and Rocko all survived until adulthood. Anna and Wenji now live next to each other in good homes, and Maggie and Squishy also live in good homes. Rocko is still with us, and that brings us to this day which marks his 3rd birthday. He was born 3 years ago this morning around 10:00 AM. So now he is around 3 years and 12 hours old. 🙂 Happy Birthday Rocko!

A Close-up of Rocko

March is Here!

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I apologize for my long absence. My schedule started to get a bit too busy for me to be able to post on here, but I’m back for now. There is a hockey tournament going on up here until Sunday the 6th, so I will still be occupied for the next few days.

Now that that’s out of the way, I’d like to announce that we have gone into a new month already! March is one of my favorite months, that’s because A) My birthday is this month, B) The hockey tournament that is going on is one of my favorites, and C) Spring starts this month.

My goal of putting up the new page for healthy foods for birds by the end of February wasn’t achieved, but I think that I’ll be able to get it up by March 13th. I’ve already started it, but it is only a draft version so far.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get a chance to post, if not then I will be back soon enough.

Happy Valentine’s Day of 2011!

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Today when I woke up, the  sun was beaming and the birds were chirping. It was so beautiful out, but only about an hour later a wind storm hit, and snow was blowing everywhere. The snow was still sparkling for a bit though, so it was really pretty.

At school we have a Winter Carnival going on where there is different types of dress-up days during the week. Today was PJ/Teddybear/Crazy Hair Day, so there were quite a few wacky looks at school. I wore my hair in six pig-tails and braids, and I wore my blue and green plaid pajamas. I also brought along a little fuzzy yellow monkey, who I named Bob. We had a great time at school, and everyone was passing out Valentine cards.

My family was going to go out for dinner, but most of us didn’t feel like going, and it was still stormy outside. Instead, I spent some time with the birds and I worked a bit on some assignments. The budgies loved the extra attention.

Today went pretty well, and giving extra attention to the birds was a perfect way to spend my Valentine’s Day. 🙂

Some chocolate hearts.