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A Free Day for a Great Idea…

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This morning when I woke up, it was around 7:15 AM. The snow was falling outside, and the budgies were busy chirping away. School was canceled today, so I had the whole day for free time. I used most of this up with reading and researching on my laptop about birds, and I also had to work on a science project.

During all of this reading, I came upon yet another post on a blog about how all-seed diets blow. I really like posts on this topic, mainly because I’m currently trying to get my budgies on a better diet and I can use all the information I can get. It actually ended up giving me the greatest idea. I could create a completely new page here on Kritter Krazy.

Yummy, some healthy fruits and veggies!

I think I’d like to have a list of all the different types of vegetables, fruits, grains, etc. that are safe and healthy for birds. That way I can keep all of the important information I might need to know at a certain time all in one place! I would probably end up including the nutritional value of each one, some things that they might do for birds (i.e. good for digestion, liver health, etc.) and different ways I could prepare, serve or use each type.

Now I just need to start finding all of the info I need, and then I’ll need to figure out a good way to organize it. Maybe I’ll put each type of food into different categories. I’ll most definitely be putting a “Vegetable” category in, along with maybe some “Fruits”, “Grains”, “Beans” and things like that. I’ll make it a goal to get it started by the end of the month. 🙂


Toys and a Play-Gym

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I was taking a look at the birds’ setup today, and I noticed that they didn’t have much toys to play with. I could have sworn that they had more toys, but I guess they don’t.

This got me thinking, and it inspired me to try to start planning and designing a new play-gym for them. I’d also like to start making home-made toys. I know that the play-gym will need to be durable, easy to clean, appealing, and definitely safe for the birds, so I’ll be sure to plan this out thoroughly.

I’ve even made a list of the things that I’d like to include in it:

  • Food/Water Containers
  • Bathing Area
  • Swing
  • Ladder/Bridge
  • Various Perches
  • Foraging Area
  • Shredding Toys
  • Mirror
  • Climbing Area
  • Extra Hooks for Toys

I’m not all that skilled with building things like this, but I thought that I should give it a try at least. Maybe I should also build it with one of those types of flooring which is easy to clean off. I think it’s called melamine, but I’ll have to look it up. The metal should be stainless steel, and the wood, I’m not too sure about quite yet.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my ideas for home-made toys, so stick around! 🙂