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Mini-Version of the “Paper Puff”

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Here’s a how-to guide for making a mini-version of the “Paper Puff“.

Since I needed to refill the paper puffs with more cupcake papers, I decided that I should make a little easy how-to guide to make them yourself. 🙂 It’s very simple, super easy, and has kept my budgies busy for hours straight.

STEP ONE: Get the Materials

You’ll need…

  • Small Whiffle Balls (That are suitable for your bird)
  • Cupcake Papers
  • String (I used Hemp Twine)
  • Scissors

STEP TWO: Flatten, Cut, Roll and Spin

The next thing you need to do is grab a single cupcake paper.

You’ll have to flatten it out like this:

Then you have to cut the paper in half, depending on what size you want them.

Next you’ll have to take one half, and start rolling it up like a paper telescope. Get it as tight as you can. It should look like this:

When you finish rolling it up, you can spin the bottom of the paper then bend it so that it will stay in place until you need to use it. You may want to tighten it back up before the next step.

STEP THREE: Stick ’em in!

This step is pretty easy, just stick the papers in the holes of the whiffle ball so that they are sturdy enough to endure your bird’s beak for at least a little while.

STEP FOUR: Tie it up, and You’re Done!

The next thing you need to do is cut a piece of string off at the length you would like it, with a bit off extra wiggle room just in case.

Mine looked like this:

Then you just knot it securely…

And tie it up in your bird’s cage, then you’re done! 😀

I hope that your bird(s) like this toy as much as mine do! 😉