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The Story of My Life With Birds

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If you haven’t noticed yet, I have added a page to this blog titled “The Story of My Life With Birds”. I’ve been working on writing about all of the birds that my family has owned for a while, and I’m just about done. I’ll be adding it in the next few days, and I can’t wait. You can find it here when it is finished: “The Story of My Life With Birds“.

A long story short:

After years of owning several birds when I was younger, I started to really get interested in them. Not like the usual “Oh, look how pretty the bird is!” you get from kids, I mean like really interested in them. I knew there was more to them than what they were like then, so I fulfilled my need to read (Haha, I love how that rhymes!) and started researching on birds. Mainly on budgies because that’s the only kind I had at the time. I learned so much over the 3+ years I’ve been researching, and it has helped so much that it was hard for me to believe how little I knew back then. I only knew a fraction of what I know about birds now, and that isn’t even half of what is left!

The condition of our feathered companions have greatly improved since then. They went from living in a tiny, filthy cage into living in the massive (and clean!) cage that they have now; from eating an all-seed diet to eating a healthier diet, and their life has really made a turn for the better. I’m quite pleased with the condition they are in now, but there is still lots more room for improvement. That is another one of the reasons I started this blog; so that I could look back and see how much progress and improvements we (as a flock) have made.

I hope that my story will give you an idea of how I grew up with birds, and maybe keep you from making the mistakes I have made.