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Updates Anyone?

I’ve fallen behind dramatically on posts here at Kritter Krazy, and have neglected a few things online for a while because I decided to take a break from the computer for a bit. Life was a bit stressful and rushed, but I’m sorry that I didn’t notify everyone earlier. So I hope you’ll all understand.

Just to update everyone; I thought that I would post a few important events and other happenings that haven’t been posted on here yet.

First of all, our family has not held a memorial burial for Pepper yet, but plan to as soon as possible. Everyone just started back up in school, so we will need to wait until we have a chance to drive and pick her up. The vets are taking care of her body for now, until we decide to get her. I’ve found it hard to not see her come greet us when we get back from school, but I know that what we did was best for her. 

August 21, 2011 – Kittens Came Home 

For the last couple days before Sunday, we all were on the lookout for any kittens or “teenage” cats that needed a home. There were so, so many ads in newspaper and so many options at the rescue that we decided to look for some. First we checked at a local rescue, but we didn’t really see any that we liked. We then called a few phone numbers off of some ads, and one ended up calling back. He told us that he didn’t live too far off from where we were at (at that time), and that he had 2 litters of kittens at his house.

When we got there, the house smelled like smoke, was messy, and there were cats running all around upstairs. The guy was pretty nice though and had good intentions, but I don’t think his place was the greatest environment for these kittens to be living in. We were going there to pick up just one kitten, but we thought that it would be better with more than one so we ended up picking out two of the 2 month old kittens.

They were so adorable, especially the smaller ones. The kittens we picked out were a light shade in color, both gray. The one that we think is a boy has this really cool pattern of light gray/white stripes across his back and sides. He is mostly dark and light gray. The other one that we think is a girl has calico coloring, but mostly gray with pale orange blotches around the face, tail and belly area. We’ve already came up with a name for the girl; Leia;  the princess off of Star Wars. We haven’t come up with a name for the male, but are still working on it.

August ??, 2011 – Goldfish Came Home

Before getting the kittens, we got two goldfish for my sisters. One was a white and orange goldfish, whom we called Citrus. The other was a golden and black goldfish, whom we named Mushu. They have settled in really nicely, but for some reason Luthias doesn’t seem to know what they are! He is a bit rough around them, but I guess he isn’t used to other fish being in the tank with him. So far, they all get along and are eating well.

The Budgies

Kasper and Froot Loop are doing pretty good. Their wings are all grown in now and they can fly properly too. They really enjoy coming out to fly sometimes because get restless in their cages. I’m trying to make new kinds of toys for the budgies too, and I’m making an effort to be more creative with the toys. So far, I think they’re coming along pretty nicely.

Tomorrow I’ll hopefully be posting about more things that I missed out on.


Rocky’s Update

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Rocky is doing much better! He got some visitors today (My grandmother, auntie and cousin) and he got to go outside for a bit to relieve himself and get some fresh air. He is being fed twice daily, along with lots of water and some medication. He is much more lively today. My grandmother said he looked much better than she expected, so that’s good news. His eyes were sunken in the day we brought him to the vets, but now they are full looking and his gums have all their color back. If he keeps going on like this, he will be better in no time at all!

My Idea: In Progress

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A few days ago I posted about making a new page about healthy foods for birds here. Well, I’ve started making some progress. I’ve already written up some different types of food that I’d like to include, and I have also been reading up on them. I will be adding more later so hopefully I will stick to my goal and have it ready by the end of the month.

On a side-note, Rocky is doing even better and today I walked him around a bit so that he could relieve himself. He also got to greet some visitors that were ski-doing outside. He enjoyed the walk, and I bet the fresh air was good for him. Tomorrow I’ll be making another post about his progress, so stick around!

Rocky is Back!

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Rocky made it another night, and guess what?! He’s doing so well that he came back home with us! He is drinking, eating and he seems to be more alert. There is also some color coming back to his gums. We brought him back home with us from the animal hospital when we were finished one of our hockey games, and he rode all the way back home in the back seat with me. He behaved so well, and when we got back home he was so excited that he almost jumped out the door when I was getting out of the car.

We also cleaned up a little spot just for him in our kitchen. He gets to stay there until his temporary house is built on the step. He is such a quiet dog, I wish he was an indoor dog. Right now he is laying down on his blanket with his new little teddy bear.

It’s crazy to think, but just the other night the vets didn’t even think he was going to make it. My parents thought that he might of had to be put down, but that isn’t the case anymore. He is definitely looking better, and I hope he keeps progressing.

Better News

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Today we found out that Rocky has survived the night, now he needs to focus on healing and getting better. He is in a better condition, but sill pretty bad. I asked my dad already if I could go see him, but he said we could tomorrow. I might still get a chance to see him, but I doubt it.

He’s really important to me, and I really want him to make it. I’ll be praying tonight for Rocky and hopefully the next update will be even better. 🙂

Some Bad News

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Today we noticed that Rocky wasn’t acting the same. He was all curled up in a ball most of the day, and didn’t even get up to try to go after us when we were driving up and down the driveway. He would only barely lift his head and watch us with no sign of interest. He didn’t perk his ears up, or even wag his tail. When he tried getting up to eat, his whole body was hunched over and his tail went between his lags. He barely touched his food, and we didn’t know what was wrong.

He was in such bad condition that my dad and two sisters took off with him to bring him to the vet. I didn’t even get to go with them because I was gone at a Tobogganing party that was going on. I only found out that they took him when I got back, and they were already gone by then. He looked so bad that my mom thought he might have parvo.

Later we got a call and we found out that the vet said he has severe dehydration. They also said that he might have ulcers, which I believe are sores in the stomach, but I’m not too sure. He was put on IV and was kept overnight. We are supposed to get a call tomorrow morning around 10:30 to get an update on how Rocky is doing, but I’ll be in school at that time. It will depend on whether he wants to fight or not if he is going to survive the night. All we can do is hope and pray.

Making Progress…

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Updated: September 19, 2011

The most wonderful thing happened today, the budgies actually ate their veggies! I’m so happy, it didn’t even take that long. I forgot to post about the meal I prepared for them yesterday, but here it is:

Baby Spinach, Apples, Wheat Germ, and Seeds.

A Close-Up Shot

They started to pick at this at around 10:00 PM, and I found a bunch of bits of it on their cage floor the next morning. The must have had a blast with the mess they made!

Today I decided to try something different, so I ended up adding some red pepper to the mix.

Baby Spinach ready to be chopped up!
Chopped Apples mixed with Baby Spinach.
Some red pepper thawing out.
All chopped up.
Everything rinsed, mixed and ready for the dry ingredients.
With Wheat Germ and Seeds.

All ready to serve!

It smelled so delicious! Even when my nose was plugged from having a little cold, I could still smell the red pepper. Next time I should try some other ingredients with such great smells.

The birds actually ended up eating some, or at least digging through it. There was also some red pepper bits on the ground, so at least I know they were getting a bit of the taste. Maybe next time they will decide to eat more. 🙂 One can only hope!