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R.I.P. Pepper

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Pepper didn’t get any better yesterday, she was still in a bad condition and the vets said that she was still not responding. As a family we decided that it was best to put her to sleep. She had a good life with us, and we didn’t want her to suffer anymore.

We’ll all miss her very much, she was such a cuddly cat and always wanted our attention. Ginger was looking around for her yesterday, I hope he doesn’t get too lonely. We’re planning on bringing her back and showing her to Ginger, just so that he knows what happened. We’re having a burial for her sometime afterwards, next to Koko’s area.

We are also planning on getting a new friend for Ginger in the future, to keep him company. It’ll be an adopted one, that needs a home. Hopefully Ginger will end up liking him or her. 🙂

R.I.P. Pepper

I’ll miss you Pepper, Rest In Peace.



Introducing Ginger and Pepper!

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Updated: September 10, 2011. Pepper’s description in this post has been kept here in her memory. (R.I.P. Pepper)

It’s time that I introduce Ginger and Pepper, the sneaky siblings of the household. They’re two cats that are around 7 years of age, and are brother and sister. Ginger is a very large cat, and he’s also a very lazy one. He got his name from his color, and so did Pepper. Ginger has eyes a shade darker than his fur, and can sometimes become cranky when he gets bothered. Pepper on the other hand is very skittish, jumpy, and a tad crazy. We can tell the difference from her and Ginger when we hear foot steps around the house because she usually bolts off out of no where when she wants to go somewhere, where Ginger just slowly and casually walks around.

A good example to show how lazy Ginger can be is when he was just cooling off in some shade last summer. We went over to see him, and noticed that a mole was running in circles right in front of him, and he was just watching it, without much interest. Then, Pepper popped out of no where, pounced on the mole, then took off with it. I guess Ginger is just not that much of a hunter.

A close-up of Ginger.

A close-up of Pepper.