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Sad News

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Lately, Pepper hasn’t been doing well. When we got back from our vacation trip, we found out that she had a weird coughing noise coming from her throat. When she breathed, there was almost a crackling noise inside. We were a bit concerned and planned a trip to vet the next Tuesday. Later, her nose started bleeding. That’s when we got really scared. She just didn’t look good at all. She stopped grooming herself, and had scraggly fur because of it.

When we brought her to the animal clinic, the vet checked her out and gave her two shots and some medicine for us to give to her. Pepper had a bit of a fever, so she got a shot for that. She also got another shot to last her the day for medicine. The next couple of days didn’t go well either. She seemed to stop eating, and refused to take her medicine. We only managed to get one more pill into her, but couldn’t give her any more. We had to force feed her it too.

We kept Pepper inside more often so that we could keep a better eye on her, only giving her small breaks to go outside. The next couple of nights, I kept her with me in my room to make her comfortable. She kept getting worse and weaker. Yesterday morning, she woke me up because she was meowing very loudly.

She was meowing so loudly that she woke up my parents when I brought her upstairs. I couldn’t get her to stop, and she was sort of staring around. While I was holding her, she accidentally urinated on my shirt. I felt so sorry for her, she couldn’t hold it in. When I put her down to clean up, she just sort of flopped down on the ground and stared. Her pupils were very wide and she didn’t move much. I was so scared.

I made up a little box for her to lay in, and put in a few layers of towels for her to be comfortable in it. She wouldn’t move,  so I picked her up and had to put her in myself. The poor thing just kept staring, but I sat with her for a little bit to comfort her and petted her head and back. My parents meanwhile got a hold of an emergency vet nearby, and he said he would be coming through our way soon so he would stop in to check Pepper out.

When he arrived, it was around 11:30 AM. Pepper was still staring around, but she was purring more and looked less alarmed. The vet said that she could have tumors in her throat, so we decided to ask him to take her with him to the animal hospital overnight. Pepper left with him not too long after that, and said he would call the next day to tell us how Pepper was doing.

My Dad got a call about her this afternoon, and he said it didn’t look too good. The vets said that she wasn’t responding well, and they found out that she was blind, couldn’t smell and couldn’t hear either. They tested her reactions to different things, and that was what they said. They said it was likely caused by brain damage from what they could tell, but they don’t know how that happened.

I feel so sorry for her right now, I can’t stop thinking about her. They said that they would keep her overnight again and do the best they can, but if she doesn’t show any changes or improvement by tomorrow then we decided that it would be best to put her to sleep. I’m hoping and praying now that she makes it through alright, but I can only hope for the best.


Update #3 on Kasper’s Cere

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I just realized that I didn’t post about Kasper’s cere in a while. I’m ashamed to say that I still didn’t get a hold of a vet yet, but the thought was completely wiped out of my mind up until now. The two boys are recovering well from the loss of Koko from their flock, and have been supporting each other quite a lot. They are always singing away now, and I’m glad to see how active they are. I checked Kasper’s cere a couple minutes ago and the brown blotches are actually somewhat fading now, and it doesn’t seem that severe anymore. Hopefully they will totally disappear in time. It doesn’t seem to be effecting him though, so I’ll keep watching out for him.

Update #2 on Kasper’s Cere

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Well, it turns out Kasper’s cere didn’t change that much, but it looks like some of the brown has gone away. The little brown part in the very middle of the bottom of his cere is gone. I’m not sure what that means, but at least it’s gone. I’m planning on calling the vet either sometime today or tomorrow, so we’ll see what I can find out. 🙂

Update #1 on Kasper’s Cere

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I was away yesterday for a softball tournament and ended up staying overnight (luckily, I gave the birds extra dry food just in case) so I didn’t get to see if Kasper’s cere changed until tonight. His cere seemed to change a bit though. It could just be from the light, but his cere looks smoother now and doesn’t have as much brown color anymore. Hopefully it isn’t just because of the difference in light, but I’ll see tomorrow morning either way. I’ll update if there are any more changes. Still working on getting a hold of a vet, no pictures yet.

Weird Brown Blotches?

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I’ve recently noticed that Kasper has some blotches starting to appear on his cere. They are a sort of brown color, so I’m hoping that it isn’t anything too serious. I had some advice from Avian Avenue here to call a vet just in case, so I’ll be trying to get a hold of one as soon as possible. I wonder what it is? I thought it was a liver problem at first, but…

Close up of Kasper's cere when I toweled him earlier.

Another close up shot.

The brown spots look like they are growing as part of his skin, and I don’t think that is a good sign. I’m praying that this won’t turn out to be a serious problem, but I may be being too paranoid, you never know though!

Shopping Spree!

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I was meaning to post about this yesterday, but I forgot. Anyways, today while I was away with my family we dropped in at the pet store and I couldn’t resist getting anything for the birds. I’m glad I did, because while I was searching through all the merchandise I spotted this:

Living World Clay-Cal

I checked to make sure it was the product that I was looking for, and I snatched it up without a second thought. The smaller one’s price was $14.76, so it wasn’t all that bad. I was surprised to find it at this particular store, they usually never have any specific type of product that I’m searching for. Except of course the ones that I already purchased in the past.

If you haven’t heard of Clay-Cal before, you can read a little bit about it here and here.

Clay-cal is supposed to be a digestive aid and helps maintain healthy bones. This stuff can also safely pass through their systems while picking up the extra junk in their systems like bacteria and other impurities. It also has extra calcium for healthier bones, and the charcoal in it also helps with digestion.

Mine came with a pamphlet inside that provided lots of information about the benefits of using Clay-Cal, and I can’t wait to try it. I’ll see how it goes over for my budgies and I’ll type up a review as soon as I see the results. 🙂

During my shopping spree at the pet store I also purchased 3 cuttlebone, a mineral block and millet spray. The budgies were all really happy to receive their surprises, and they started digging in right away. I can’t wait to see how they react to the clay-cal.

The Cage Chronicles – Day 5 – A Special Moment

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I couldn’t get any pictures because the camera wasn’t co-operating. It was also dead when I found it, so I had to recharge the batteries while I was preparing the food for the birds. This really bugged me because when I went to give the birds their food; they were actually following the dish around until I set it down and I could have gotten a good picture out of it. It’s funny because they never, ever have shown that much interest in fresh foods.

I decided to try setting the dishes outside of their cage and opening the cage doors so that they could come out and eat. Froot Loop came out cautiously, but sure enough he went flying straight for the food. What a beautiful sight to see! He has such a talent for flying, it’s so amazing and graceful. Kasper doesn’t have many flight feathers yet because of his molt and the same goes for Koko, that’s why it surprised me when I saw Froot Loop gliding very smoothly down towards the food.

They all came out one by one. I had to take Koko down because I didn’t want her crash landing anywhere. Their mouths were stuffed and crumbs were stuck all over their faces. It was really fun, and the birds didn’t even take off when I went about fixing their dishes. It was a special moment in my attempts at getting them comfortable with being out of their cage again, and I’m so happy to be typing this right now. 🙂


On a side note, the new dog house came today. My Dad thought that it would better for Rollie, who is our eldest dog at the moment, so we ended up giving it to him. It is such a convenient house! The door has a floor mat stapled over with a line cut up the middle for him to get in, and the hay inside is sure to keep him cozy until the end of winter. It is so much bigger and better than his old house, and he has been spending the majority of his day snuggled up inside. I’m glad that Rollie is finally getting some special treatment. He’ll be 12 next November 9th, so he’ll be 84 in doggy years!

Rocky is also still on the mend, and is getting better everyday.