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A Millet Surprise

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In my post “Gone On Vacation” I remember posting about the gifts that I purchased for my pets while I was away. I never really got around to posting about it, but here is a picture of the millet I got for the budgies.

Millet Galore!

I finally opened the bag last night and discovered that it was really light to hold. The piece of millet I took out didn’t seem really full and fluffy, but the budgies really enjoyed it. 🙂 I’ll be checking through the bag later on to see if all the pieces are the same, or if it was just that one.

The other gifts I bought were a pair of squeaking tennis balls, and a sort of tug-of-war teddy bear for Rocky and the other dogs. They were both a huge hit, and the teddy bear suffered because of it. Rocky loved it so much that he tore of one of its ears and pulled some stuffing out. I’m thinking next time I’ll be getting a more durable chew toy.


Update #3 on Kasper’s Cere

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I just realized that I didn’t post about Kasper’s cere in a while. I’m ashamed to say that I still didn’t get a hold of a vet yet, but the thought was completely wiped out of my mind up until now. The two boys are recovering well from the loss of Koko from their flock, and have been supporting each other quite a lot. They are always singing away now, and I’m glad to see how active they are. I checked Kasper’s cere a couple minutes ago and the brown blotches are actually somewhat fading now, and it doesn’t seem that severe anymore. Hopefully they will totally disappear in time. It doesn’t seem to be effecting him though, so I’ll keep watching out for him.

Update #2 on Kasper’s Cere

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Well, it turns out Kasper’s cere didn’t change that much, but it looks like some of the brown has gone away. The little brown part in the very middle of the bottom of his cere is gone. I’m not sure what that means, but at least it’s gone. I’m planning on calling the vet either sometime today or tomorrow, so we’ll see what I can find out. 🙂

Update #1 on Kasper’s Cere

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I was away yesterday for a softball tournament and ended up staying overnight (luckily, I gave the birds extra dry food just in case) so I didn’t get to see if Kasper’s cere changed until tonight. His cere seemed to change a bit though. It could just be from the light, but his cere looks smoother now and doesn’t have as much brown color anymore. Hopefully it isn’t just because of the difference in light, but I’ll see tomorrow morning either way. I’ll update if there are any more changes. Still working on getting a hold of a vet, no pictures yet.

Weird Brown Blotches?

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I’ve recently noticed that Kasper has some blotches starting to appear on his cere. They are a sort of brown color, so I’m hoping that it isn’t anything too serious. I had some advice from Avian Avenue here to call a vet just in case, so I’ll be trying to get a hold of one as soon as possible. I wonder what it is? I thought it was a liver problem at first, but…

Close up of Kasper's cere when I toweled him earlier.

Another close up shot.

The brown spots look like they are growing as part of his skin, and I don’t think that is a good sign. I’m praying that this won’t turn out to be a serious problem, but I may be being too paranoid, you never know though!

I’m Getting Closer…

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to figuring out how to teach Kasper to step-up again. All three of my budgies have an idea of how to step-up, but I never really get the chance to interact and bond with them consistently enough to keep them tame. Kasper used to step-up quite easily without any millet or treat to tempt him with. Lately I’ve been busier with other things, and I rarely get to spend as much bonding time with him and the other two as I’d like to. I know that he can get used to stepping up again, but I find that he doesn’t trust me as much as he used to. Since the school year is almost over though, I will be freed up a bit more and I’m planning on spending as much of my free time with them as I can.

I recently bought the 2011 issue of Birds USA and it has really helped refresh my mind about everything from cleaning to training. This makes me even more excited to start training the budgies once again because of all the new techniques I can try with them. Now I can start to work on our relationships and build our trust back up over the summer. 🙂

When I finished reading the first article in the Birds USA magazine, “The Journey Starts Here” by Pamela Clark, it really helped open up my thoughts about the ‘living skills’ of my budgies and how I was teaching them those skills. In the article Pamela mentions that “Teaching your bird to step up onto your finger is an important living skill.” and since the budgies aren’t very willing to step up for me, I’m determined to work with them and have them stepping up with ease by the end of the summer.

The Cage Chronicles – Day 9

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Yesterday”s out of cage time was pretty fun. The budgies actually didn’t really come out, but they were at the cage doors most of the time. That’s because I was giving them all mist baths. Mist baths are the only type of baths that the budgies will take so far. I’ve read somewhere that budgies (and other birds) love the rain, and that is probably why they like mist baths so much. Mist baths are a lot like rain, so they naturally like them better than normal baths.

Koko, climbing up the side of the cage.

Kasper and Koko like mist baths better than Froot Loop does, but he seems to be warming up to it. Koko just flips out when she starts to enjoy her baths, and I literally mean flip out! She will flap her wings everywhere, bob her head and puff up. I love how cute they look when they puff out their feathers! They look like little walking fluff balls. Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to get a picture or video of them taking a bath.

They never get completely soaked, but wet enough to be able to keep themselves clean. Kasper is going through a molt right now and his head is just full of pin feathers, so that’s why I decided to give him daily mist baths. He’s probably the biggest fan of mist baths at this point, they soothe his itchiness and really make him more comfortable after drying off.

Kasper's pin feathers on his face. (One of his cheek dot feathers is growing in)

Something really surprised me though, Kasper decided that it was better to sit right next to the nozzle of the bottle. So he hopped right on my hand and started drinking from it! I kept still and slowly moved my other hand over so that he could perch more comfortably. He left after a couple minutes and then came back every now and then to either drink or get sprayed. I was proud of how clever he was to find the source of the water like that! Even a little thing like that can make my day, and I was very happy afterwards to be able to have another bonding experience with Kasper like that.

Kasper, hanging out on my finger. (He's missing all of his cheek dot feathers now!)

I’ll try to get a video of their bathing time, and maybe photos of wet birds!