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The Cage Chronicles – Day 7

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As I mentioned before, I wanted to try to work harder on getting these up and running again. So here’s an update post on everyone and what’s going on.

Today when I was changing their food and water, I let the budgies come out for some flying and exercising. Kasper and Froot Loop were both out and about after a few minutes, and Koko wasn’t far behind. She looked like she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so I decided to entice her to come out with millet. That didn’t exactly work out so I just took her out by getting her to step up and gently cupping my hand around her body so she wouldn’t hurt herself if she decided that she didn’t want to come out. It worked, so they were all out together after about 5 minutes.

They actually were all very happy to be out and seemed totally comfortable sitting together on their old (travel) cage. The smaller cage is on top of a type of cabinet that is maybe 1 1/2 feet away from the bigger cage itself, and is close to being level with it so the budgies always like to fly their whenever they come out of their cage. They were preening and chirping away up there happily between flying and causing trouble for about 15 minutes until I finished moving things around in their cage, then I lured them back into their cage. They were all pretty cooperative with me today, so we are making some progress.

Koko still does the same trick with holding onto the cage with one foot then trying to step up with the other. She is really a clever little one.

Froot Loop is getting a bit more tame. Kasper and he both fly to my hand for some millet spray now. Sometimes they even fly to it when I don’t have millet spray, then they realize there isn’t any treat and take off. It’s funny to see how motivated they can get by food, I wonder if I can find anything else that motivates them.

Millet Spray = Yummm…

Shopping Spree!

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I was meaning to post about this yesterday, but I forgot. Anyways, today while I was away with my family we dropped in at the pet store and I couldn’t resist getting anything for the birds. I’m glad I did, because while I was searching through all the merchandise I spotted this:

Living World Clay-Cal

I checked to make sure it was the product that I was looking for, and I snatched it up without a second thought. The smaller one’s price was $14.76, so it wasn’t all that bad. I was surprised to find it at this particular store, they usually never have any specific type of product that I’m searching for. Except of course the ones that I already purchased in the past.

If you haven’t heard of Clay-Cal before, you can read a little bit about it here and here.

Clay-cal is supposed to be a digestive aid and helps maintain healthy bones. This stuff can also safely pass through their systems while picking up the extra junk in their systems like bacteria and other impurities. It also has extra calcium for healthier bones, and the charcoal in it also helps with digestion.

Mine came with a pamphlet inside that provided lots of information about the benefits of using Clay-Cal, and I can’t wait to try it. I’ll see how it goes over for my budgies and I’ll type up a review as soon as I see the results. 🙂

During my shopping spree at the pet store I also purchased 3 cuttlebone, a mineral block and millet spray. The budgies were all really happy to receive their surprises, and they started digging in right away. I can’t wait to see how they react to the clay-cal.