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A Millet Surprise

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In my post “Gone On Vacation” I remember posting about the gifts that I purchased for my pets while I was away. I never really got around to posting about it, but here is a picture of the millet I got for the budgies.

Millet Galore!

I finally opened the bag last night and discovered that it was really light to hold. The piece of millet I took out didn’t seem really full and fluffy, but the budgies really enjoyed it. 🙂 I’ll be checking through the bag later on to see if all the pieces are the same, or if it was just that one.

The other gifts I bought were a pair of squeaking tennis balls, and a sort of tug-of-war teddy bear for Rocky and the other dogs. They were both a huge hit, and the teddy bear suffered because of it. Rocky loved it so much that he tore of one of its ears and pulled some stuffing out. I’m thinking next time I’ll be getting a more durable chew toy.


Gone On Vacation

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From the 14th to the 24th, my family and I were on vacation. We stayed at a camp in a very comfortable cabin that was pretty far out in the woods. There was a freshwater lake nearby and lots of things to do like kayaking, canoing, swimming fishing, having campfires, playing horseshoes and a whole bunch of other stuff. We mainly went away for a couple softball tournaments that me and my sister were playing in, but we had a lot of extra time to do other things too. The only problem with where we were staying was the heat. I was definitely not used to a normal temperature of high thirties in Celsius, but having no air conditioning in the cabin was a whole different story. We were just lucky to have those huge fans on in the cabin, that’s all I can say. 😛

While we were away, I made sure that there was someone that checked on the budgies daily so that they could feed and water them, and make sure that they were okay. I only trust my grandmother and auntie with my birds, so I asked my grandmother if she could do it. Even though she has a slight fear of ‘flying things’, she got the job done. I was really grateful, because having a bird-sitter is very important to me.

Where we were staying didn’t have much Internet connection, so that was the reason why I couldn’t post on here. I apologize for my unannounced absence. We finally got back on Monday at 4:30 AM in the morning, but I didn’t get to post on here because we took a while to settle back in to our life back home. 🙂

I brought back a huge bag of millet for the birds, and I can’t wait to give some to them. I plan on making some new foraging toys for them so that I can stuff the millet inside. I’ll post some pictures of the millet tomorrow, but right now I have to catch up on some sleep.