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I’m Getting Closer…

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to figuring out how to teach Kasper to step-up again. All three of my budgies have an idea of how to step-up, but I never really get the chance to interact and bond with them consistently enough to keep them tame. Kasper used to step-up quite easily without any millet or treat to tempt him with. Lately I’ve been busier with other things, and I rarely get to spend as much bonding time with him and the other two as I’d like to. I know that he can get used to stepping up again, but I find that he doesn’t trust me as much as he used to. Since the school year is almost over though, I will be freed up a bit more and I’m planning on spending as much of my free time with them as I can.

I recently bought the 2011 issue of Birds USA and it has really helped refresh my mind about everything from cleaning to training. This makes me even more excited to start training the budgies once again because of all the new techniques I can try with them. Now I can start to work on our relationships and build our trust back up over the summer. 🙂

When I finished reading the first article in the Birds USA magazine, “The Journey Starts Here” by Pamela Clark, it really helped open up my thoughts about the ‘living skills’ of my budgies and how I was teaching them those skills. In the article Pamela mentions that “Teaching your bird to step up onto your finger is an important living skill.” and since the budgies aren’t very willing to step up for me, I’m determined to work with them and have them stepping up with ease by the end of the summer.


The Cage Chronicles – Day 6

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These posts are becoming few and far between, so I will have to try harder to get these going again. 🙂

Today I did a full clean-out of the cage, and the budgies were let out because of this. I lured them out with millet spray first, then I set them out onto their small carrier cage so that they could just hang out. They were content to be up there for about an hour just preening and sun-bathing, which is a good sign that they are getting more comfortable with coming out.

Froot Loop is becoming more and more tame, but Koko is still wary and only using one foot to step-up. She is so clever sometimes. Kasper is also getting a bit better, but still not as tame as he used to be. Hopefully tomorrow I can get a chance to take them out again, but for now they are just enjoying their clean cage and treats.