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August 2011!

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Yeah! Yet another month has arrived, and now it’s August! August makes me a bit sad because it just reminds me that we only have a whole month left of summer break, and everyone will be back to school or work again! I’m planning on trying to do a bunch of new things this month before my summer break ends so that I won’t have to worry about missing out on any chances to do them.

One thing that I really want to try this month is bringing the budgie boys outside for some sunshine and fresh air. They never really get to go outside, so I’m planning on getting them used being in their travel cage for outside time. I’ll be taking any chance I get to bring them out, especially when it’s nice and warm outside. Hopefully it will be warm enough for me to give them a little mist bath. 🙂

I’m planning on getting another entry done by this Friday for the Healthy Foods for Birds page, and this time it is going to be  Broccoli! Someone I know requested that I do Broccoli next just for fun, so I’ll be working on that throughout the week.

I still have to get those pictures up of the gifts I got for the budgies when I was away, but never got a chance yet. I’m also planning on giving them a nice fresh food supper tomorrow with a few new foods in it, so hopefully that will end up working out.


I’m Getting Closer…

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to figuring out how to teach Kasper to step-up again. All three of my budgies have an idea of how to step-up, but I never really get the chance to interact and bond with them consistently enough to keep them tame. Kasper used to step-up quite easily without any millet or treat to tempt him with. Lately I’ve been busier with other things, and I rarely get to spend as much bonding time with him and the other two as I’d like to. I know that he can get used to stepping up again, but I find that he doesn’t trust me as much as he used to. Since the school year is almost over though, I will be freed up a bit more and I’m planning on spending as much of my free time with them as I can.

I recently bought the 2011 issue of Birds USA and it has really helped refresh my mind about everything from cleaning to training. This makes me even more excited to start training the budgies once again because of all the new techniques I can try with them. Now I can start to work on our relationships and build our trust back up over the summer. 🙂

When I finished reading the first article in the Birds USA magazine, “The Journey Starts Here” by Pamela Clark, it really helped open up my thoughts about the ‘living skills’ of my budgies and how I was teaching them those skills. In the article Pamela mentions that “Teaching your bird to step up onto your finger is an important living skill.” and since the budgies aren’t very willing to step up for me, I’m determined to work with them and have them stepping up with ease by the end of the summer.

Wow, Already June…

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Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it is already June! Today is the start of yet another month, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me and the birds. I wish everyone else the best of luck with everything this month, and I hope you have a great start to summer! 😀

A picture of an apple blossom I took last year.


Winter Still Hasn’t Given Up!

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Down here where I live the snow is still around, and it has already been 20 days since Spring started! I wonder if the cold will ever give up, but since the weather has been nicer lately, I’ve been less worried. Today though it was so cold out I had to come back in from lunch recess because my sweater wasn’t warm enough. I was wondering how the birds were doing back home, they are lucky to have heat and insulation. 🙂

Now that spring is here, I’m already getting into the mood. I can’t wait for the grass to start turning green and the leaves to come back. It has been a while since I’ve seen the bright green woods and colorful flowers hanging off of our porch. Hopefully this year our garden will be more fertile and get us some yummy veggies for my first batch of chop.

From where I’m sitting now I can see out at our lawn and it doesn’t look very spring-like just yet. There are still bits of snow left, and the trees are only just starting to bud.

Writing about all this is giving me so many great ideas for spring activities this year. I can’t wait for summer either, I’m planning on making a Summer-Bucket-List for me to finish before school starts again. I might even post about some of the things that I decide to do here.