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The Cage Chronicles – Finishing Post

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I’ve been decreasingly feeling the need to post any more Cage Chronicles posts because the budgies are almost completely comfortable with being out of their cages now. They went from being scared of the doors of their cage being open, to hopping right out Β when I came over to let them out, flying around, exploring and hanging out on their landing cage in only a few months. I’m extremely proud of their progress and I hope that their comfort levels continue to rise.

The budgies will now jump on the sides of their cages to get my attention when I walk into my room, and when I open the cage door they like jumping on them for a bit, then flying a lap around the room and landing on their landing cage beside their main cage. Koko is still a bit more cage bound and has less flying capability than the other two, so I’m going to work on getting her more active. Like I mentioned before, she needs to build up her wing muscles and grow in a few more flight feathers, so we’ll just have to wait.

I sort of failed to keep up to date with the Cage Chronicles posts so the next time I do something like this I’ll have to remember to do better. πŸ™‚ School will finally, and officially, end on Thursday which means I’ll have a bunch more free time for posting here and on the bird forums that I haven’t been the most active on.

From now on, I’ll be posting about Koko’s progress alone so that it will be easier for me to keep it focused and up to date.


The Cage Chronicles – Day 9

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Yesterday”s out of cage time was pretty fun. The budgies actually didn’t really come out, but they were at the cage doors most of the time. That’s because I was giving them all mist baths. Mist baths are the only type of baths that the budgies will take so far. I’ve read somewhere that budgies (and other birds) love the rain, and that is probably why they like mist baths so much. Mist baths are a lot like rain, so they naturally like them better than normal baths.

Koko, climbing up the side of the cage.

Kasper and Koko like mist baths better than Froot Loop does, but he seems to be warming up to it. Koko just flips out when she starts to enjoy her baths, and I literally mean flip out! She will flap her wings everywhere, bob her head and puff up. I love how cute they look when they puff out their feathers! They look like little walking fluff balls. Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to get a picture or video of them taking a bath.

They never get completely soaked, but wet enough to be able to keep themselves clean. Kasper is going through a molt right now and his head is just full of pin feathers, so that’s why I decided to give him daily mist baths. He’s probably the biggest fan of mist baths at this point, they soothe his itchiness and really make him more comfortable after drying off.

Kasper's pin feathers on his face. (One of his cheek dot feathers is growing in)

Something really surprised me though, Kasper decided that it was better to sit right next to the nozzle of the bottle. So he hopped right on my hand and started drinking from it! I kept still and slowly moved my other hand over so that he could perch more comfortably. He left after a couple minutes and then came back every now and then to either drink or get sprayed. I was proud of how clever he was to find the source of the water like that! Even a little thing like that can make my day, and I was very happy afterwards to be able to have another bonding experience with Kasper like that.

Kasper, hanging out on my finger. (He's missing all of his cheek dot feathers now!)

I’ll try to get a video of their bathing time, and maybe photos of wet birds!

The Cage Chronicles – Day 8

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I forgot to post about this but a couple days ago I took the budgies out for a little flight time while I was cleaning their cages again and they had a blast! I decided to just leave them out longer than I had planned, and they couldn’t have been happier. Kasper kept flying around the room like it was his first time really flying, and Froot Loop was also trying to keep up with him.

I’m very glad to report that Koko has finally grown her flight feathers back in! Her wings are nice and full, and now all she has to do is learn how to fly right. So far she has been attempting to take off with the boys when they start flying around the room, but she ends up just fluttering back down to the ground or landing on the furniture, and that is where I come in to help her. First I get her to step up, then I raise my hand up high enough for her to be able to fly back to where she started. I like to encourage her to try to move around on her own, but whenever she lands on the ground or somewhere that she didn’t want to land, she usually just gives up and starts to preen herself.

I have high expectations for her though, and I’m hoping that she will be up and flying with the boys soon enough. She just has to build up her wing muscles because they are probably really weak at this point from the lack of exercise she has had in her life. I’ll have to work with her for the next few months and exercise her wings regularly so that she can get used to flying, and hopefully she’ll get the hang of it.

This time I let the budgies go back in the cage in their own time, and after about an hour and a half they were all back in their cage chirping away. I was pretty happy to see them enjoying their freedom. They have been really improving on comfort levels with being out of their cage and they are already getting used to the different surroundings and obstacles when they are flying around. The little cage that I have set up near their bigger cage (Which I will now call their “landing cage”) is where they usually hang out. This is also where they mainly land after flying a few laps around the room, hence the name.

Nothing much else happened, but I’ll probably be letting them out again tomorrow afternoon, so there will most likely be another update that evening. πŸ™‚

The Cage Chronicles – Day 7

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As I mentioned before, I wanted to try to work harder on getting these up and running again. So here’s an update post on everyone and what’s going on.

Today when I was changing their food and water, I let the budgies come out for some flying and exercising. Kasper and Froot Loop were both out and about after a few minutes, and Koko wasn’t far behind. She looked like she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so I decided to entice her to come out with millet. That didn’t exactly work out so I just took her out by getting her to step up and gently cupping my hand around her body so she wouldn’t hurt herself if she decided that she didn’t want to come out. It worked, so they were all out together after about 5 minutes.

They actually were all very happy to be out and seemed totally comfortable sitting together on their old (travel) cage. The smaller cage is on top of a type of cabinet that is maybe 1 1/2 feet away from the bigger cage itself, and is close to being level with it so the budgies always like to fly their whenever they come out of their cage. They were preening and chirping away up there happily between flying and causing trouble for about 15 minutes until I finished moving things around in their cage, then I lured them back into their cage. They were all pretty cooperative with me today, so we are making some progress.

Koko still does the same trick with holding onto the cage with one foot then trying to step up with the other. She is really a clever little one.

Froot Loop is getting a bit more tame. Kasper and he both fly to my hand for some millet spray now. Sometimes they even fly to it when I don’t have millet spray, then they realize there isn’t any treat and take off. It’s funny to see how motivated they can get by food, I wonder if I can find anything else that motivates them.

Millet Spray = Yummm…

The Cage Chronicles – Day 6

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These posts are becoming few and far between, so I will have to try harder to get these going again. πŸ™‚

Today I did a full clean-out of the cage, and the budgies were let out because of this. I lured them out with millet spray first, then I set them out onto their small carrier cage so that they could just hang out. They were content to be up there for about an hour just preening and sun-bathing, which is a good sign that they are getting more comfortable with coming out.

Froot Loop is becoming more and more tame, but Koko is still wary and only using one foot to step-up. She is so clever sometimes. Kasper is also getting a bit better, but still not as tame as he used to be. Hopefully tomorrow I can get a chance to take them out again, but for now they are just enjoying their clean cage and treats.

The Cage Chronicles – Day 5 – A Special Moment

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I couldn’t get any pictures because the camera wasn’t co-operating. It was also dead when I found it, so I had to recharge the batteries while I was preparing the food for the birds. This really bugged me because when I went to give the birds their food; they were actually following the dish around until I set it down and I could have gotten a good picture out of it. It’s funny because they never, ever have shown that much interest in fresh foods.

I decided to try setting the dishes outside of their cage and opening the cage doors so that they could come out and eat. Froot Loop came out cautiously, but sure enough he went flying straight for the food. What a beautiful sight to see! He has such a talent for flying, it’s so amazing and graceful. Kasper doesn’t have many flight feathers yet because of his molt and the same goes for Koko, that’s why it surprised me when I saw Froot Loop gliding very smoothly down towards the food.

They all came out one by one. I had to take Koko down because I didn’t want her crash landing anywhere. Their mouths were stuffed and crumbs were stuck all over their faces. It was really fun, and the birds didn’t even take off when I went about fixing their dishes. It was a special moment in my attempts at getting them comfortable with being out of their cage again, and I’m so happy to be typing this right now. πŸ™‚


On a side note, the new dog house came today. My Dad thought that it would better for Rollie, who is our eldest dog at the moment, so we ended up giving it to him. It is such a convenient house! The door has a floor mat stapled over with a line cut up the middle for him to get in, and the hay inside is sure to keep him cozy until the end of winter. It is so much bigger and better than his old house, and he has been spending the majority of his day snuggled up inside. I’m glad that Rollie is finally getting some special treatment. He’ll be 12 next November 9th, so he’ll be 84 in doggy years!

Rocky is also still on the mend, and is getting better everyday.

The Cage Chronicles – Day 4

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I decided to let the birds out for a bit today while I was doing some homework. They didn’t seem to be interested in coming out. I had to weigh Koko though, so when I took her out, the other two joined her when she climbed back to the cage door. They sat there for a bit together, but then they just sort of climbed back in and kept put. It seemed like it was a slow day, so I just decided to close them back up and wait until a better time.

I need to get myself some millet spray so that I can start training them, but so far Kasper had gotten a bit better and more comfortable with stepping up without any, so I’ll see how it goes. Although I do think that it would be good to give them some positive reinforcement, so I’ll probably pick some up this week when I get a chance.

Koko isn’t afraid of our hands, she just knows that we will end up bringing her out of the cage when she steps up, so she tries to trick me by holding onto my finger with one foot, and holding the cage bars with another. She’s the smart one! πŸ˜€