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A Millet Surprise

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In my post “Gone On Vacation” I remember posting about the gifts that I purchased for my pets while I was away. I never really got around to posting about it, but here is a picture of the millet I got for the budgies.

Millet Galore!

I finally opened the bag last night and discovered that it was really light to hold. The piece of millet I took out didn’t seem really full and fluffy, but the budgies really enjoyed it. 🙂 I’ll be checking through the bag later on to see if all the pieces are the same, or if it was just that one.

The other gifts I bought were a pair of squeaking tennis balls, and a sort of tug-of-war teddy bear for Rocky and the other dogs. They were both a huge hit, and the teddy bear suffered because of it. Rocky loved it so much that he tore of one of its ears and pulled some stuffing out. I’m thinking next time I’ll be getting a more durable chew toy.


Mini-Version of the “Paper Puff”

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Here’s a how-to guide for making a mini-version of the “Paper Puff“.

Since I needed to refill the paper puffs with more cupcake papers, I decided that I should make a little easy how-to guide to make them yourself. 🙂 It’s very simple, super easy, and has kept my budgies busy for hours straight.

STEP ONE: Get the Materials

You’ll need…

  • Small Whiffle Balls (That are suitable for your bird)
  • Cupcake Papers
  • String (I used Hemp Twine)
  • Scissors

STEP TWO: Flatten, Cut, Roll and Spin

The next thing you need to do is grab a single cupcake paper.

You’ll have to flatten it out like this:

Then you have to cut the paper in half, depending on what size you want them.

Next you’ll have to take one half, and start rolling it up like a paper telescope. Get it as tight as you can. It should look like this:

When you finish rolling it up, you can spin the bottom of the paper then bend it so that it will stay in place until you need to use it. You may want to tighten it back up before the next step.

STEP THREE: Stick ’em in!

This step is pretty easy, just stick the papers in the holes of the whiffle ball so that they are sturdy enough to endure your bird’s beak for at least a little while.

STEP FOUR: Tie it up, and You’re Done!

The next thing you need to do is cut a piece of string off at the length you would like it, with a bit off extra wiggle room just in case.

Mine looked like this:

Then you just knot it securely…

And tie it up in your bird’s cage, then you’re done! 😀

I hope that your bird(s) like this toy as much as mine do! 😉

Clean Up Day

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Today I decided to make a post about cleaning my birds cage, since that’s what I was busy doing all evening.

The pictures I included in this post were taken a while back, but I still do the same routine now.

When cleaning my birds cage, I have to literally take it apart to be able to clean it thoroughly. The first thing I do is prepare the extra cage for the birds, then I carefully get them to go in.

Once they’re comfortable in their temporary cage, I take the main cage off of the base so that it will be easier to clean.

Then I take the top part of the base off, and empty out the cage lining after taking off the grate. After washing and rinsing the base of the cage, I line it with some normal white printing paper. Then I add the grate. (But this time I just left it out)

Then comes the top of the base which I washed and rinsed beforehand. Then I add the main cage, which I also washed and rinsed off with a cloth.Then I add the perches which I cleaned, and toys.

You see that  little toy with the ball at the end?  That’s the one I was talking about  in my last post.

After I finish putting the cage together, I go ahead and clean their dishes out. I make sure that all of the hard to reach corners are cleaned too by using either a Q-tip or a toothpick. Then I fill them all with some goodies!

After all of this is done, I add them to their cage and let the birds back in.

I normally use just soap and hot water to wash everything, then I dry them off with a cloth. Everything is washed either in a sink or bathtub; depending on the size obviously. The budgies are used to their temporary cage, so they don’t have a problem with staying in there for a bit.

Homemade Toys

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Toys are a great way to help stimulate your bird’s mind and to keep him/her busy.  Even though there is a wide variety of commercially available bird toys out there, many of them could be harmful to your bird. Some people have also learned that their birds dislike these toys and favor something as simple as a bottle cap. These are some of the reasons why I will be trying to make toys which I think are safe and suitable for the birds.

The past few days I have found many sources which have instructions on how to make various types of toys. These are very helpful and can even get me started on making my own. I’ve already made a mini version of a toy named “The Paper Puff” which was originally made by Michelle from The Beak Whisperer. Here is the post she made about it. My version was made with tiny whiffle balls and cut up cupcake papers. Then they were attached with some hemp twine. It was a big hit with the birds. Froot Loop was the first to nibble on one, then the other two started to nibble a bit too. Before I knew it, there were little cupcake paper scraps all over their cage floor, and two scraggly looking Paper Puffs left.

I’ve also made other toys with beads on them, but the birds don’t seem to like beads as much as shredding toys. There are many things out there that I can still experiment with though.

Here are a few things that seem to be popular with budgies:

  • Bells
  • Swings
  • Paper
  • Strings (That they can pull at and nibble on)
  • Beads
  • Other things that make noise

There are also many other materials you can find around your house that can be used to make great toys, such as bottle caps, toilet paper, and egg cartons. All you have to do is make sure they are safe, and be creative!

Toys and a Play-Gym

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I was taking a look at the birds’ setup today, and I noticed that they didn’t have much toys to play with. I could have sworn that they had more toys, but I guess they don’t.

This got me thinking, and it inspired me to try to start planning and designing a new play-gym for them. I’d also like to start making home-made toys. I know that the play-gym will need to be durable, easy to clean, appealing, and definitely safe for the birds, so I’ll be sure to plan this out thoroughly.

I’ve even made a list of the things that I’d like to include in it:

  • Food/Water Containers
  • Bathing Area
  • Swing
  • Ladder/Bridge
  • Various Perches
  • Foraging Area
  • Shredding Toys
  • Mirror
  • Climbing Area
  • Extra Hooks for Toys

I’m not all that skilled with building things like this, but I thought that I should give it a try at least. Maybe I should also build it with one of those types of flooring which is easy to clean off. I think it’s called melamine, but I’ll have to look it up. The metal should be stainless steel, and the wood, I’m not too sure about quite yet.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my ideas for home-made toys, so stick around! 🙂