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Sad News

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Lately, Pepper hasn’t been doing well. When we got back from our vacation trip, we found out that she had a weird coughing noise coming from her throat. When she breathed, there was almost a crackling noise inside. We were a bit concerned and planned a trip to vet the next Tuesday. Later, her nose started bleeding. That’s when we got really scared. She just didn’t look good at all. She stopped grooming herself, and had scraggly fur because of it.

When we brought her to the animal clinic, the vet checked her out and gave her two shots and some medicine for us to give to her. Pepper had a bit of a fever, so she got a shot for that. She also got another shot to last her the day for medicine. The next couple of days didn’t go well either. She seemed to stop eating, and refused to take her medicine. We only managed to get one more pill into her, but couldn’t give her any more. We had to force feed her it too.

We kept Pepper inside more often so that we could keep a better eye on her, only giving her small breaks to go outside. The next couple of nights, I kept her with me in my room to make her comfortable. She kept getting worse and weaker. Yesterday morning, she woke me up because she was meowing very loudly.

She was meowing so loudly that she woke up my parents when I brought her upstairs. I couldn’t get her to stop, and she was sort of staring around. While I was holding her, she accidentally urinated on my shirt. I felt so sorry for her, she couldn’t hold it in. When I put her down to clean up, she just sort of flopped down on the ground and stared. Her pupils were very wide and she didn’t move much. I was so scared.

I made up a little box for her to lay in, and put in a few layers of towels for her to be comfortable in it. She wouldn’t move, ┬áso I picked her up and had to put her in myself. The poor thing just kept staring, but I sat with her for a little bit to comfort her and petted her head and back. My parents meanwhile got a hold of an emergency vet nearby, and he said he would be coming through our way soon so he would stop in to check Pepper out.

When he arrived, it was around 11:30 AM. Pepper was still staring around, but she was purring more and looked less alarmed. The vet said that she could have tumors in her throat, so we decided to ask him to take her with him to the animal hospital overnight. Pepper left with him not too long after that, and said he would call the next day to tell us how Pepper was doing.

My Dad got a call about her this afternoon, and he said it didn’t look too good. The vets said that she wasn’t responding well, and they found out that she was blind, couldn’t smell and couldn’t hear either. They tested her reactions to different things, and that was what they said. They said it was likely caused by brain damage from what they could tell, but they don’t know how that happened.

I feel so sorry for her right now, I can’t stop thinking about her. They said that they would keep her overnight again and do the best they can, but if she doesn’t show any changes or improvement by tomorrow then we decided that it would be best to put her to sleep. I’m hoping and praying now that she makes it through alright, but I can only hope for the best.


Rocky is Back!

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Rocky made it another night, and guess what?! He’s doing so well that he came back home with us! He is drinking, eating and he seems to be more alert. There is also some color coming back to his gums. We brought him back home with us from the animal hospital when we were finished one of our hockey games, and he rode all the way back home in the back seat with me. He behaved so well, and when we got back home he was so excited that he almost jumped out the door when I was getting out of the car.

We also cleaned up a little spot just for him in our kitchen. He gets to stay there until his temporary house is built on the step. He is such a quiet dog, I wish he was an indoor dog. Right now he is laying down on his blanket with his new little teddy bear.

It’s crazy to think, but just the other night the vets didn’t even think he was going to make it. My parents thought that he might of had to be put down, but that isn’t the case anymore. He is definitely looking better, and I hope he keeps progressing.

Some Bad News

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Today we noticed that Rocky wasn’t acting the same. He was all curled up in a ball most of the day, and didn’t even get up to try to go after us when we were driving up and down the driveway. He would only barely lift his head and watch us with no sign of interest. He didn’t perk his ears up, or even wag his tail. When he tried getting up to eat, his whole body was hunched over and his tail went between his lags. He barely touched his food, and we didn’t know what was wrong.

He was in such bad condition that my dad and two sisters took off with him to bring him to the vet. I didn’t even get to go with them because I was gone at a Tobogganing party that was going on. I only found out that they took him when I got back, and they were already gone by then. He looked so bad that my mom thought he might have parvo.

Later we got a call and we found out that the vet said he has severe dehydration. They also said that he might have ulcers, which I believe are sores in the stomach, but I’m not too sure. He was put on IV and was kept overnight. We are supposed to get a call tomorrow morning around 10:30 to get an update on how Rocky is doing, but I’ll be in school at that time. It will depend on whether he wants to fight or not if he is going to survive the night. All we can do is hope and pray.